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Custom Lanyard
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Flat Polyester Lanyard
This type of lanyard is made from polyester with screen printing logo, logo can also be heat-transfer printed. The Advantage of flat polyester Lanyard is low price; short production time; small MOQ; clear printing effect; accurate dyeing color according
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Nylon Lanyard
Nylon Lanyard are popular lanyard as well, its shiny-effect and low-price have attracted lots of customers. For this kind of lanyard, it has short delivery time; small MOQ; clear printing effect; accurate dyeing color according to required PMS color.
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Heat-transfer Lanyard
Hear-Transfer printing can be moulding basing on either good quality JPG or vector file are. CMYK color and many colors printing are main reason choosing this kind of printing; high printing color is not so clear as silk printing for small letters but
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Monolayer Woven Lanyard
Monolayer Woven Lanyard cannot have complicated logo on it and no more than 2 colour., however woven logo is more accurate both on the shape and colour. One characteristic is that the logo position and base colour are completely different on front and bac
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Linking Woven Lanyard
Linking Woven Lanyard still has woven logo and double layer. On its back, the base and logo colour are opposite like Monolayer Woven Lanyard but more clear. This is because two layers are linking together at where the logo is. And one more difference from
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Hollow Woven Lanyard
The logo on Hollow Woven Lanyard printing looks same as Monolayer Woven Lanyard and it has all features that Monolayer Woven Lanyard does. The only different is that it has double layer, therefor on the back it be same base colour as front and it is hollo
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